AFDR Unveils New Web Site, DSR Tools

The Margin/Markup Calculator is a simple tool that enables reps to enter a product’s base cost and the markup they plan to add to automatically calculate final price, gross margin dollars and gross margin percentage. The Sales Goal Calculator helps reps break down their goals into “bite-size chunks.” After first filling in some basic information, the system figures goals for weekly case sales, customer calls per day, and cases sold per customer per day.

Other new few features of the revamped AFDR Web site include the AFDR Top 200 List, which is a quarterly update of the best-selling foodservice products organized by category (created in partnership with Dot Foods); and a list of distributors that have DSRs as members of AFDR.

Check it all out, along with other training tools and resources and information on how to join AFDR, www.afdr.org.


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