AFL-CIO focuses wage-hike efforts on 7 cities, 4 states

The AFL-CIO has kicked off a new campaign to raise wages, focusing on seven cities the labor giant says afford the best opportunities to succeed.

On that list are Atlanta, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Washington, San Diego, Philadelphia and Columbus, Ohio. “These cities will be the starting points of a long-term effort to concentrate work where it can have the most impact,” organization said in a press announcement posted on its website.

The group is also focusing on the four states that are scheduled to hold the first primaries for the 2018 presidential election, starting this spring in Iowa. Working through state affiliates, the AFL-CIO also intends to push increases in Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Efforts in the targeted civic areas will include working with local labor forces and pumping resources into the area, the announcement specified.

The AFL-CIO kicked off its Raising Wages campaign on with a summit Wednesday in Washington, D.C. The coalition of unions said 300 labor leaders from across the country attended. 


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