AGAR Adds to Popular Seafood Brand

(August 24, 2010)—New England Wholesale food distributor AGAR, product specialist for independent restaurants, retailers and other food service providers is now offering quality scallops from its Nautifish Seafood brand.

Nautifish, an exclusive seafood brand marketed by AGAR of Taunton, Mass is now offering a variety of scallops in its line. Those include frozen and fresh scallops such as premium dry scallops and water-added that includes Atlantic sea scallops as well as bay scallops.  The scallops featuring the Nautifish label are all natural and come from a variety of resources that adhere to the quality control standards of the Nautifish brand.

The variety of scallops offered from Nautifish will help the restaurant operator that carries these fine products with a number of menu solutions from center of the plate options to other popular uses. This includes baked and broiled scallop recipes to other choices such as pasta recipes with scallops and bacon-wrapped scallops.

“The Nautifish brand continues to grow as customers learn that these products are consistently excellent in quality,” stated Karen S. Bressler, president and CEO of AGAR who exclusively markets the Nautifish brand of seafood. “Having quality scallops on the list of products we carry under this name is core to the New England menu.”


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