AGAR On Building Super Bowl Business

(January 31, 2011 – PR Log)—New England Wholesale food distributor AGAR, product specialist for independent restaurants, retailers and other food service providers, has come up with a number of solutions for restaurants and retail establishments to help them build up their business around Super Bowl Sunday.

AGAR serves mostly New England Eateries including many small independent restaurants and pub-style operations. And just because New England is out of the running for the Super Bowl, restaurants in the Northeast can still capitalize on the thrill of the event and have a full house the day of the big game.

AGAR’s Chef Jeff Merry has a number of tips to help a restaurant operator build their business for the big game: Even more tips and a video can be found on their blog.

Chef Merry suggests:

  • Turn Super Bowl Sunday into a family event. Create family friendly menu items, create an atmosphere that is geared toward an entire family and even create activities in your restaurant that help to attract families and children and keep them entertained throughout the game.
  • Create specials that cater to the teams playing in the Super Bowl: For Pittsburgh, try the time-honored traditional of Devonshire sandwiches which is  basically an open-faced turkey sandwich. For Packers fans, try specials that involve a lot of cheese options or other dairy items. Wisconsin, the Dairy State has a lot of other food traditions but most of us know them for cheese.

New England has great sports fans,” says Karen S Bressler, president and CEO of AGAR.  “Even if our team is not playing, we still love to get out and celebrate the sport with friends and food.  We encourage our restaurant customers to get creative to get those crowds into their establishments.  If you don’t have a super television in your dining room on Super bowl Sunday, rent one or you will lose business to the competitor that does.  If you do take-out, make sure you have specials and concepts to get those customers.  Retailers historically know how to market to get those customers having home parties to purchase through them.  Everyone can win!”


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