AGAR's Tips On Beefing Up Holiday Restaurant Business

(December 14, 2010)—New England Wholesale food distributor AGAR has come up with a number of solutions for restaurants and retail establishments to help boost holiday business.

During the holidays, restaurants typically see an uptick in business on weekends but during the week, business can drop off. AGAR, a New England Wholesale Food Distributor has been helping restaurants of all sizes create new menu ideas and build profitable solutions for anytime of the year.

AGAR’s Chef Jeff Merry has a number of ways a restaurant can differentiate themselves and keep business coming in during these last couple weeks before the holidays:

  • Work with different cuts of meat: Some meat prices are rising due to world markets and other variables. Chef Merry suggests a strip loin roast. Less expensive than other cuts of meat, the strip loin is best when slow roasted and can offer a better yield than other cuts of meat. Many different recipes can be developed using this cut of meat.
  • Consider professionally cut choices of meat and poultry that can allow an operator to feature more diverse products and menu items and help that operator save money. AGAR offers the Bullpen brand of specialized cuts of meat that can greatly enhance an operator’s menu choices.
  • Offer customers additional value by adding complementary starters and other offers such as dessert to your weeknight menu.

Additional ideas and solutions including video tips can be found on the AGAR blog at: www.agarblog.com.

“We know by planning ahead, creating different types of menu items and offering customers added value, an operator can grow business during the holidays and anytime, states Karen S. Bressler, president and CEO of AGAR. “With a little help from our Test Kitchen and new product ideas such as our Bullpen brand of specialized cuts of meat, the holidays can be great for business.”


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