Agave Nectar

For a long time, tequila was the sole commercial product eked out of the agave plant. Now the nectar from this spiky plant is gaining prominence, being used as a substitute for sugar, honey and other sweeteners in drinks and food preps. Vegan and raw foodists are especially fond of the all-natural nectar. It’s no wonder the Aztecs regarded agave as a gift from the gods.

San Francisco, CA
Five-spice margarita with El Jimador tequila blanco, white tea liquer, lime and five-spiced infused agave nectar; $9

Pat Greer’s Kitchen

Houston, TX
Peanut Butter pie made with cashews, peanut butter, agave nectar, Texas pecans and dates; $6.50 for 7 oz. pie

Agave Azul
Orlando, FL
Fried ice cream covered with corn flakes, flash fried, dusted with canela sugar and drizzled with agave nectar. Topped with whipped cream and chocolate fudge; $5.75

Las Camelias
San Rafael, CA
Shrimp marinated in agave, ginger and garlic, sautéed with strips of onion and bell pepper, simmered in a tomatillo-cilantro sauce and served with beans and rice; $16.95

Brouwer’s Café
Seattle, WA
Cheese plate with Humboldt fog, Tipsy Brit, Lamb chopper, Pt. Reyes Original Blue, crackers, organic agave nectar, hazelnut stuffed dates, and sliced fruit; $13.50

Sunpower Natural Café
Studio City, CA
Cilantro agave glazed tofu with kelp noodle Pad Thai; $17


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