Ahold ceo Expresses Confidence in USF's Benjamin

ZAANDAM, The Netherlands. - Anders Moberg, president and ceo of Ahold, addressing an extraordinary meeting of stockholders on corporate governance and performance here today, expressed confidence in the leadership of Lawrence Benjamin, president of U.S. Foodservice, its Columbia, MD-based foodservice distributorship affiliate.

"The new management team under Larry Benjamin at U.S. Foodservice is making impressive progress in restoring U.S. Foodservice to competitive strength. The change process at U.S. Foodservice is underway and we look forward to updating you on its performance and business plan at the next shareholders' meeting," Moberg said.

Moberg did not reveal any details about Benjamin's plans to turn around the scandalized distributorship. He did say that the entire global corporation is moving to restore a positive image about itself.

"Nevertheless, we are moving, and we are moving fast. Our people are focused on restoring pride and credibility in our business. We are not dragging our heels. We are making good progress," Moberg said. "As CEO of Ahold, let me repeat my personal commitment to you: First of all, accountability for results; Second, integrity in how we do business; and Third, my commitment to share all information as soon as investigations are finalized. And please have some patience."


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