Ahold Minimizes Intent to Sell Company

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands - Dutch multinational Ahold, which is recovering from an accounting scandal, played down a newspaper report on Wednesday, May, that said it would consider selling the company if it ran into trouble again.

"At the moment we don't have plans to sell the company," an Ahold spokesman said. "Selling the company would be a last resort."

Ahold, which owns U.S. Foodservice, Columbia, MD, has sold some units in the last year to improve its financial situation after discovering a one billion euro ($1.2 billion) profit overstatement at its American distribution subsidiary.

Dutch daily De Volkskrant on Wednesday quoted Anders Moberg, ceo, as saying he did not rule out a possible sale of the company in case of new troubles. "We investigate all options. A situation can arise again such as last year, when we were almost forced to sell the company," Moberg was quoted as saying.


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