Airport dismisses 40% of restaurant applicants over E-Verify

A batch of applications to open restaurants in Atlanta’s main airport have been tossed because the would-be operators failed to include E-Verify forms for prospective hires, according to a report in Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The rejected proposals, representing 40 percent of all the submissions, came at a point late enough in the selection process to delay the opening of new concessions, the AJC noted.

The applications to open concessions were reportedly fielded from such veteran operators as McDonald’s and Five Guys, along with mega-franchisees like HMSHost and Delaware North Cos.

E-Verify forms are a means preferred by the industry for verifying that prospective hires are not illegal immigrants. Typically the near-instantaneous check is conducted right before employment is offered to a job candidate, and not when a restaurant is still in the proposal stages.

The rejection is consistent with the difficulties restaurants report in trying to open a concession within an airport or other government-run travel facility.

Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is one of the busiest airfields in the nation.


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