Always hiring

I learned a trick years ago from an old real estate broker. Wil had an office of top producers and I often wondered how he always managed to recruit top quality sales people in the highly competitive atmosphere of the 70's real estate boom.

Ethics aside, he never needed to poach employees from his competitors. Whenever he visited a local business he simply kept his eyes and ears open. It didn't make any difference whether it was the hardware store, a boutique or the local coffee shop. "Outstanding employees are everywhere." he told me. "And they're always looking to improve their situation."

An extremely helpful and upbeat college student working part-time at a local bookstore was surprised when my friend asked him if he had ever thought of a career in commissioned sales. After talking for a few minutes, Wil invited the student to visit the real estate office and "see for himself" what benefits a career of this nature might afford him.

He was also prepared with a stack of business cards in case anyone approached him with interest about real estate. He never wanted a potential superstar to walk away without a way to get in touch with him. In the same way, you should always be prepared to recruit and hire a potential employee. All employees in your operation should know what to do when someone asks if you're hiring. Be alert, both inside and outside your business. Take the time to outline the benefits of working for your company. And most importantly, hire for attitude and train for skills . When Wil encountered a gregarious, outgoing young person, he saw the raw potential for a great salesperson.

The irony is that superstar recruits could end up being super employees for someone else if you're not proactive about hiring and explaining career advancement options . In fact, a majority of senior executives in the business world boast of their early job experiences in foodservice. Unfortunately, somebody let them get away.

Don't let that happen to you! Take the time to sell yourself to potential team members. Read some additional pointers to keep you in the "Always Hiring" mindset. Then download a sample recruitment flyer ... the kind that lets the world know you're looking for a few food employees. No more boring "Help Wanted" signs. 


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