A.M.K. Joins F.A.B.

A.M.K. is a regional broadliner specializing in center-of-the-plate products. It is the largest USDA meat cutting and grinding facility on the central California Coast, serving more than 600 customers a week.

A.M.K.'s service area extends from Monterey, north to Ventura, and south and east past Bakersfield. Customers include fine and family dining, steak houses, ethnic restaurants, fast food and pizzerias as well as healthcare and schools.

"We are proud of the business we've developed here at A.M. K. Our goal is to provide the optimal customized service in the industry by assisting our customers in growing their businesses, supporting them every step of the way. F.A.B. was the logical choice in that they are an advanced, growth-oriented company that supports their membership and its local development to the fullest", stated John Kaney, president of the distributorship.


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