Amphire's Acquisition of Full Degree Seen Boosting Foodservice Data Synchronization

REDWOOD SHORES, CA - Amphire Solutions, Inc., a provider of supply-chain management and enablement solutions based here, today acquired Full Degree, a developer and supplier of product information management and data synchronization solutions.

Full Degree solutions are used to manage and standardize product information within the enterprise and include the ability to synchronize data with trading partners.

The acquisition is expected to enhance product information management and data synchronization solutions in the foodservice industry, according to Mark Barnekow, president and ceo of Amphire.

"Amphire views the acquisition of Full Degree as strategic to the foodservice industry," said Barnekow said. "The work of foodservice industry leaders to establish standards through the EFR and UCCNet initiative can be realized with a solution tailored to meet the industry's needs. Those industry leaders have identified data synchronization as a top priority and now have a configurable solution through Amphire to address the need."

Sophisticated management of product information in supply chains has become a top priority for operators, retailers, distributors and suppliers as they strive to improve efficiencies and ready themselves for initiatives such as radio frequency identification (RFID), Barnekow explained.

With the acquisition of Full Degree, Barnekow said Amphire would be able to fulfill its supply-chain strategic vision. "We recognize that accurate product data is the foundation for further high-value services. Contract compliance, rebate management and RFID will lead to billions of dollars of supply chain savings as suppliers standardize and synchronize their product information internally and externally," he said.

The company's new products are also expected to speed the electronic transaction enablement process, through what Barnekow called "clean and standard foodservice product data, bringing more of the foodservice industry on-line more rapidly."

"As industry players address the need for more standard product information, they will also be laying a solid foundation for contract and rebate management and RFID," he said.

Full Degree's software solutions enable companies to manage product information assets in a central repository. Once synchronized internally using Full Degree's configurable, XML schema-driven solutions, customers can synchronize clean product data externally with their trading partners. Full Degree's core products, Symphony and Orchestrator, provide enterprise quality applications using behind-the-firewall and application service provider approaches.

"The Full Degree team has deep knowledge and experience implementing its robust product information management and data synchronization solutions. We are confident that Full Degree's experience and offering will provide significant returns for Amphire's suppliers and their trading spheres," said Barnekow.


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