Here are the answers to one of our fun food quizzes... We bet you didn't know that parsley will cure bad breath. Not that we're saying you need to eat some parsley...

1. Which herb acts as a natural repellent?


2. Which is the only nut to contain Vitamin C?


3. Which vegetable did Hillary Clinton return to the White House menu after it was removed by President Bush?

4. How many pounds of tea leaves can an experienced picker pluck in a day?

5. Which of the following removes tar from vinyl surfaces?

6. What can you rub in your dog or cat's fur to repel fleas the organic way?
Brewer's Yeast

7. What removes dingy toilet bowl rings?

8. What is the shelf life of a Butterfinger candy bar?
7 months

9. The amount of water needed to produce each food item:
1 pat of butter = b, 100 gallons
1 gallon of alcohol = c, 325 gallons
1 baked potato = d, 5 gallons
1 gallon of milk = a, 5 gallons
1 pound of flour = e, 375 gallons

10. Which green will cure bad breath?


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