Appetizers: More than waiting for the main course

Appetizers mean more than just holding a customer over until the main course arrives.

They let you experiment with signature items and help customers broaden their culinary horizons. Many people prefer to sample a variety of foods and the appetizer menu is a perfect place to start. If salads are your thing, why not offer a few uniquely different styles such as a mesclun salad with blood orange vinaigrette or a crunchy apple and walnut salad.

Then there's the traditional appetizer offerings like buffalo wings, chicken fingers, and potato skins. Or you can try something a little more elaborate like portobello mushrooms with warmed goat cheese, smoked salmon with cucumber, or seared tuna in coconut milk. By offering a multitude of noshes, you can also satisfy more tastes and sell more dishes. Whatever you decide to include on your appetizer menu, variety is the key to success and the gateway into your main courses.


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