A&R Wholesale Taps GPS Driver Tracking System

The TeleNav Track™ system was tapped as the distributor broadened its product line to help schools, which represent 85 percent of sales, meet changing nutritional requirements with a wider selection of healthful products, according to the company.

After expanding its offerings, A&R needed to ensure it was reaching maximum efficiency while keeping deliveries on schedule.
By implementing TeleNav Track on all of its drivers' Nextel Direct Connect phones, A&R can monitor their location in real time from any computer. In turn, drivers have access to turn-by-turn GPS directions whenever they need them, helping to reduce unnecessary mileage.

"TeleNav Track enables us to make sure our drivers keep to their predetermined routes," said Brian Fay, operations manager for A&R Wholesale Distributors. "The five or more delivery hours we save each week add up to over 260 hours saved a year. Teamed with the decrease we have seen in unnecessary overtime payouts, TeleNav has shown us significant and continual savings."
To verify forgotten time punches or suspect behavior, the company generates breadcrumb reports that outline employee locations throughout the day. This helps eliminate payroll discrepancies, in addition to keeping drivers focused and on time. With customizable alerts, e-mails are automatically sent to A&R management whenever a driver is stopped for a certain length of time or when a set speed is surpassed. As a result, A&R can eliminate driver inconsistencies and institute different procedures for more time-consuming deliveries. Additionally, the company has seen a 75 percent decrease in driver speeding tickets since implementation.


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