Edible Flowers

Chefs are infusing dishes with floral flavors, relying on either flowery fresh herbs or essences or using actual blossoms in the prep or presentation. The delicate scents and subtle fruity flavors pair particularly well with sweets.

Austin, TX
PEI Mussels, capers, Mexican marigold, tomatoes, white wine garlic butter sauce; $14

Bisous Ciao
New York City
Lemon Verbena and Fresh Mint Macarons; $2.25 to $2.50

Coronado, CA
Sautéed Wild Sea Bass, lavender honey braised endive, orange blossom mousse, carrot-orange emulsion; $28

Perry St
New York City
Chocolate Pudding, fresh cream, crystallized violets; $9

Milpitas, CA
Murg Parda Biryani: Basmati rice with chicken, saffron, whole spices and rose water, draped in “Parda,” a dough curtain; $10

Charleston, SC
Strawberry Shortcake: Griddled citrus pound cake, Grand Marnier mascarpone mousse and honeysuckle ice cream; $11

Charlie Trotter’s
Chicago, IL
Belgian White Asparagus, lavender infused tofu and nasturtium; part of multi-course tasting menu; $135

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