Green and verdant as springtime, it’s no surprise that kale is popping up on many restaurant menus right now. Whether served raw in a salad, fried like a chip or braised alongside something meaty, diners can’t get enough of this uber-healthy green.

The Forge
Miami Beach, FL
Kale and Spaghetti with slivered garlic, poached egg, Parmesan; $21

New York, NY
Crack Kale; $4

Tuscon, AZ
Roasted Sweet Potatoes with fresh corn, sautéed kale and poblano chili cream sauce; $5.50

Western Springs, IL
Mint Creek Farm Veal Boudin Blanc, slow cooked tuscan kale, roasted hakuri turnips, pickled tomato and horseradish vinaigrette; $14

Chicago, IL
Octopus Confit with celery root, crispy tuscan kale, caviar and red navel orange; $15

Art and Soul
Washington D.C.
Cured Pork Braised Kale; $4

Fellini Restaurant
Berkeley, CA
Layered Turkey Stew and Mashed Potatoes, Gruyere Cheese Gratinee, Braised Kale; $14.50

Northern Spy Food Co.
New York, NY
Kale Salad with clothbound cheddar, delicata squash, toasted almonds, lemon dressing, pecorino; $11

Husk Restaurant
Charleston, SC
Benton’s Bacon Braised JI Mustard Greens and Kale; $7

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