Armstrong Produce Joins PRO*ACT

MONTEREY, CA (January 3, 2011)—PRO*ACT, fresh produce supplier to the foodservice industry, has announced that Armstrong Produce, with headquarters in Honolulu, has joined the company’s national distribution network.

Armstrong, the largest produce company in Hawaii, is in its 31st year of business.The founding family has been involved in produce longer, however. The first generation of the Teruya family started in the 1920s as farmers. Their business xpanded into a wholesale operation. Then, in 1979, second-generation Harold Teruya purchased Armstrong Produce. The company is now run by third-generation amily members, with Mark Teruya as chairman and CEO.

Armstrong has facilities on Maui and the Big Island in addition to its headquarters in Honolulu, giving the company statewide distribution. Perishable products are delivered by plane while sturdier produce items such as cabbage and potatoes are delivered by boat.

Kelvin Shigemura, Vice President at Armstrong, says, “We face numerous challenges being in the middle of the Pacific, 2,500 miles from our nearest suppliers. The key challenges include transportation, pricing and product quality. Partnering with PRO*ACT companies will help us on all fronts.”

Lloyd Ligier, Vice President of Business Development at PRO*ACT, says, “We wanted to expand our reach into Hawaii and Armstrong is the produce player there. We are excited to have them as a PRO*ACT member.”


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