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One fruit that’s making waves in the cocktail world is the blueberry. Small but mighty, this fruit lends itself well to a wide range of spirits and other cocktail bases.

HEre's what's hot—and cold—at the coffee counter.

Along with themed drinks and pastries, the chain is also offering limited-edition ugly sweater koozies.

Guests can choose from three specialty beverages this year.

Making beverage menus stand out can be as simple as upgrading the types of drinks offered, from hot to iced to frozen.

The menu features the return of the chain’s Naughty or Nice smoothie lineup.

Beer slips, while cocktails and others gain ground.

The McCafe Peppermint Mocha and Peppermint Hot Chocolate returned to menus this week.

Bartenders share what’s hot with consumers and what’s not, as well as the promotions they're using to drive sales.

The updates include changes in the chain's catering program, new digital enhancements, and a contribution from a Starbucks veteran who's been brought onboard.