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Expanded drink lists cater to consumers' knowledge and interests.

The company said its same-store sales were the best in more than two years.

Several big players are talking about the stretch between lunch and dinner as an opportunity akin to what breakfast afforded a few years ago.

Operators are recouping dollars through off-premise booze.

Restaurants are still grappling with the potential effects of wildfires in Napa.

The settlement with Simon Property Group would apparently allow some locations to shut down.

When a change in In-N-Out’s menu barely makes the roster of neck-straining developments, you know it's been an eventful week.

Shifting beverage consumption leads chains to change their drink offerings.

Swig's multiconcept buyer said it will combine the operation with another small craft soft drink specialist to carve a different sort of presence in the beverage sector.

If we had our say, these are the trends that would stay and go next year.