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The humor and goodwill intended by some restaurants this week was taken far differently by the public, once again underscoring the need for caution in the age of social media.

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The brands, issues and developments that grabbed the restaurant industry’s attention during the last 12 months.

A food safety gaffe the magnitude of Chipotle’s may get the attention of the world. But ensuring day-to-day compliance by employees is what haunts operators’ waking hours. In recent months,...

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Developments that seemed improbable a short while ago were reclassified this week as distinct possibilities. And that includes the chance of seeing more In-N-Outs in cosmopolitan centers.

Customers may have recovered from the E. coli contaminations of nearly a year ago, but Chipotle Mexican Grill is still feeling poorly. The former high flyer has tried everything short of hypnotism...

Virgina's health department say the frozen berries sickened patrons of the Tropical Smoothie Cafe chain.
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With comps still falling by more than 20 percent, and costs climbing as the chain deals with the aftermath of its food safety problems, the high-flying fast casual warns that it could finish deep in the red for the first quarter.
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The drop-off in sales did what investors have struggled in vain to achieve: steep rollbacks in the compensation of Ells and Moran.
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Restaurateurs swapped their whites and business suits this week for superhero capes and masks. Here’s a rundown of their exploits.