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The process is expensive and complex, but operators can risk sanctions without one, Advice Guys says.

Sous vide and other old-school methods impart flavor and peace of mind.

Not all the big leaks this week came from Washington. Chipotle, McDonald's and Starbucks had a few doozies, too.

The burrito chain is showing a change of heart with such moves as trying a drive-thru.

How are restaurants trying to sway consumers who are shorter on time than they are on dollars? Recent days provided head-turning examples and insights. Spoiler alert: Not all approaches are worth copying.

A single store was closed for sanitation and is scheduled to reopen today, but Wall Street has already reacted.

A different sort of whopper figured large in recent restaurant news. But it's all true—we swear it!

The onetime Jack in the Box executive was credited with saving the chain after one of the industry's worst contamination crises.

Fate was a tough customer for high-profile restaurants this week, though their woes can't all be blamed on the gods.

The humor and goodwill intended by some restaurants this week was taken far differently by the public, once again underscoring the need for caution in the age of social media.