The action could be a test of local jurisdictions' ability to adopt disclosure requirements while the federal mandate is on hold until May. Industry officials fear that restaurant chains may be subject to a patchwork of regulatory obligations and penalties.
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But the relief could be temporary: Soda costs could be hiked by law next week.
The U.S. Department of Labor said it will not press in court for doubling the compensation threshold that determines which restaurant managers and assistant managers qualify for overtime pay.
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A new scientific discovery could be a pain for all operators. Meanwhile, colleagues continue to illustrate what not to do when situations are trying.

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The brands, issues and developments that grabbed the restaurant industry’s attention during the last 12 months.

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Here's what Trump's nominee for Secretary of Labor has said about labor issues of crucial importance to the restaurant industry.
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One of the industry's own has been chosen as Donald Trump's nominee for Secretary of Labor. With a sympathizer in place, restaurants would have a strong chance of seeing such hated measures as the new overtime rules and joint employer reclassification rolled back.
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Chain restaurants will be required to post nutritional content as of May 5, the agency affirmed.
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Tony Hu, the "mayor of Chinatown," had pleaded guilty to hiding as much as $10 million in revenues over a five-year period.