For many limited-service spots, vegetarian options consist of regular menu items minus the meat: for example, a salad without the chicken, or a saucy pasta dish, hold the sausage. That omission can...


The answer depends on who you ask.

As LSRs battle it out at breakfast, they’re pulling no punches when it comes to innovation. Taco Bell’s Naked Breakfast Taco spring LTO used a fried egg as a “shell” to hold diced potatoes, cheese...

houlihans avocado toast

Dedicated snack menus are on the rise in casual dining to capture anytime eaters.

starbucks salad

Coffee drinkers jam the counters at Starbucks waiting to jump-start their day. But more than half of customers come in after 11 a.m., many looking for something to eat.

reading restaurant menu

Operators give insight on words to use or avoid on menus.

bbq plate

From regional American to ethnic versions and spicy to sweet variations, here are the barbecue sauce flavors on the rise, according to Technomic data.

chicken wings variety

Consumers’ most craved restaurant chicken wings don't only come from wings concepts.

food fight man pie face

How low can restaurants sink? Farther than you may have thought, suggested industry observers who set out to find that outer boundary. Here, in a special edition of Restaurant Nightmares, are the absolute worst restaurant dishes, names and demonic collaborations.