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Multiple mentions of the same dish can create efficiencies—and confusion, Advice Guy says.

Among the features are a special drive-thru service for loyalty program members, along with a new retail area featuring fresh fruit.

The revised format features a special to-go area and a new beverage line.

Operators are finding ways to balance rising pork costs with the growing demand for the protein.

Often, the menu items deemed the most craveable aren’t the ones consumers say they’re most likely to purchase.

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A back-of-house renovation enabled the chain to upgrade its food quality while adding efficiencies, the chain says.

More dramatic steps have overshadowed some of the other turnaround moves the burrito chain has made in recent days. Nor has it spared the brand from being chopped on by competitors. Here's a recount of what you may have missed.

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The new offerings will be available on weekdays at the restaurant’s bar area.