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Statehouses aren't following the federal government's lead in forgoing new requirements on restaurants.

Prevailing pay rates vary widely by gender, segment and region, a new study shows. Here are some benchmarks to see how your operation compares.

The model has been proven, but not without painful lessons for the early adapters. Here are some best practices for making the approach work.

Here are the questions converts and others close to the situation suggest restaurateurs ask themselves before deciding if a labor surcharge is right for their operation.

Employees are struggling to get to work because their vehicles were destroyed, forcing restaurants to get creative.

A White House effort to close gender gaps in pay could impose new recordkeeping responsibilities on all mid-to-large-sized employers.

Operators are using public demands for a higher wage to make their case for letting tips count toward a $15 minimum wage.

Operators are scrambling to find ways to deal with the sudden or inevitable labor-cost increases.

Virtual job postings may seem like a savings, but only when matched with the right positions.

The restaurant industry should say yes to a minimum-wage hike, and focus its energies on determining the size of the increase and the schedule for implementing it.