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The board reversed a 2015 ruling that the franchise community said would put their business model at risk.

A year after the public put a businessman in the White House for the first time, restaurateurs are still judging the effects.

The rules and regulations to keep an eye out for in your area.

Recent days brought signs of how bad things could get in the restaurant business, along with some advice from the ultimate chief executive about what to do about it.

The department said it'd like a collaborative deal signed last week with Sonic to be a model for restaurant franchisors.

Seattle joins the growing ranks of cities to levy taxes on sugary drinks.

If the court issues an injunction to block a merger with Sysco, the industry’s second largest distributor will go its own way.

The federal judge hearing the FTC’s efforts to block the combination says his decision will ride on understanding distribution and determining what options would be left for foodservice operators if the deal proceeds.

The move is cited by both parties in the debate over franchisors being reclassified as “joint employers” of franchisees’ staffs.

The findings reveal that the simplest rating systems, like letter grades or a percentage score, may not be as useful as proponents hoped.