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Venerable business principles and concepts were shipped off to the old folks' home this week, worsening observers' neck arthritis.

We interrupt the string of bleak industry news to highlight a few reasons for encouragement.

Growth-minded restaurateurs know the importance of keeping an eye on the competitors entering and expanding in their markets.

A gauge of the storm's impact also shows how a big pay-per-view event TKO'd business.

The Jesus of Pizza dishes on how his “tribe” strives for a different kind of workplace.

Franchisor DineEquity has more than doubled the projection, while also warning of a step-up in closures of IHOP units as well.

Early adoption of such now-standard functions as pre-payment of mobile orders has helped Starbucks outpace the industry. What sort of sales and margin and enhancements is it eying now? Here's a preview.

No one has pegged the cause of restaurant traffic and sales meltdowns. The consensus holds that restaurant prices are likely a factor, yet there’s no proof.

The annual Restaurant Trends & Directions conference yielded some good news, but also some threats to watch.

This week's most arresting restaurant developments seemed to come in groups, raising the risk of neck injury for the keen observer. Here's a painless review of the head-spinning moments you may have missed.