Asparagus front and center

Temperatures may be rising, but spring vegetables are still in abundance—often appearing as more than an afterthought siding an entree. In green, white and even violet spears, asparagus is one of those vegetables that can star as the main attraction in soups, salads and even entrees.

Green Zebra
Chicago, IL
Roasted Asparagus Crepe, morel mushroom, Camembert fondue, Bordeaux spinach; $14

The Farm and Fisherman
Philadelphia, PA
Baby Arugula Salad, goat‘s chevre, pistachios, asparagus; $10

Union Square Cafe
New York City
Chilled Asparagus Soup, lemon, chive blossoms; $10

San Francisco, CA
Seared Asparagus, chile, ginger, black sesame sauce; $7.50

4th and Swift
Atlanta, GA
“Kippered” Wild Salmon, asparagus-vidalia vichyssoise, pea shoot salad, lemon oil; $11

Akron, OH
Asparagus Fries, basil sour cream, fresh local horseradish; $11


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