Beets Take Three

The beet goes on for fall. Beets of all shapes, sizes and colors are popping up on menus, as chefs have a field day roasting, boiling, baking, shredding and even pickling this nutrient-packed root. And the best part? They're so healthy your customers won't beet themselves up after indulging.

The RattleSnake Club
Detroit, Michigan
Golden & Ruby Beet Pyramid Salad: Baby frisée, red oak lettuces & aged sherry-horseradish cream; $14

Amy’s Organic Gourmet Market and Restaurant
Stuart, Florida
Chilled Beet Lasagna: Toasted coriander chèvre, spinach and roasted peppers, lemongrass mint oil; $9

New York City, New York
Beet & Tofu Salad: Roasted beets with baked sweet and spicy tofu with daikon radish, sherry wine reduction; $8

The Seawatch Restaurant
Wailea, Hawaii
Surfing Goat Cheese & Beet Salad: Rainbow beet medley, arugula & Maui's "Purple Rain" Surfing Goat Cheese; $14

Hook Restaurant, Georgetown
Washington D.C.
Blueberry & beet salad with olive oil goat cheese, pistachio piccata, smoky onions; $9

Crust Restaurant
Aspen, Colorado
Tuscan white bean, prosciutto and beet greens soup; $7

Peekamoose Restaurant
Big Indian, New York
Roasted local beet “tartare” with micro arugula and caperberry; $6.50

Rioja Restaurant
Denver, Colorado
Roasted golden beet “carpaccio” with red beet-apple compote, shaved prosciutto di Parma, watercress, whole grain mustard vinaigrette, crispy onions; $9.50


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