Ben E. Keith Company Adopts DriveCam Driver Monitoring System

SAN DIEGO (February 26, 2013 - Business Wire)—DriveCam, Inc., a global driver risk management company, announced that Ben E. Keith Company has announced plans to deploy DriveCam's driver risk management solution across its food division fleet. The rollout will begin this month.

"Our company's commitment to safe driving led us to the most effective solution in the driver risk management category," said Dick Hairston, Director of Operations and Transportation at Ben E. Keith Company. "We look forward to working with their team to roll out the solution fleet-wide and to creating safer and more disciplined drivers, which in turn will lower operating costs."

DriveCam addresses safety by combining data and video analytics with real-time driver feedback and coaching, resulting in reductions in cost and fuel consumption. The system accomplishes this using the "Driver Science Engine," a patented, iterative process of scoring, prioritizing and tracking the results of driving behaviors. It then identifies behavioral improvement opportunities for increased safety. In-cab video captures driving behavior, which is objectively reviewed and scored, then passed on to the fleet for use in coaching drivers.

The system focuses on the driver – specifically on the three driving behaviors that have the greatest impact on fuel efficiency: efficient or “smooth” driving, idling and speeding.

Fleets manage the DriveCam Program through a web-based online portal. The video recorder and reporting functions are linked to the DriveCam’s Fuel Management Solution, which can then combine real-time, in-cab feedback with online reporting and coaching to improve fuel efficiency – by up to 12 percent – and lower emissions.


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