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One of the realities of foodservice today is that patrons want increased choices and customization, and nowhere is that more evident than at the coffee and tea station.

Led by the explosion in coffee cafes and specialty-tea bars, consumers are now demanding more beverage choices. A 2014 Technomic survey on bakeries and coffee bars found that while half of customers surveyed choose hot coffee as their preferred hot beverage option, 36 percent prefer blended iced coffee. And iced tea is no longer just for summer: Another 2014 Technomic report stated that 69 percent of respondents had ordered iced tea in the previous month.

That desire for variety cuts across all dayparts. “We’re seeing a considerable increase in iced or cold beverages during the breakfast daypart,” says Bob Pierce, senior vice president, North America sales and global accounts, Bunn-O-Matic Corporation. “The millennial demographic likes to have cold beverages in the morning.”

What’s more, many consumers now seek specialty beverages beyond a basic cup of coffee—and that doesn’t necessarily mean espresso. “Many consumers prefer iced coffee made from fresh, brewed coffee,” Pierce says. “They’re putting in milk, cream, chocolate and other flavorings to make their own custom beverages.”

But another reality for operators is that prep areas are getting smaller. Every square inch of space has to be thoughtfully utilized to maximize profitable front-of-house seating. So how can you offer more beverages without adding machines and using up valuable counter space?

Bunn® has the answer: ITCB coffee and tea brewers. These brewers provide “ease of operation and consistent quality within a small footprint. The versatility of this piece of equipment allows you to brew multiple types of beverages to respond to trending consumer preferences with the added capability of dispensing into a variety of server types all from one brewer,” Pierce says. “For an operator, the cost-value relationship is advantageous.”

ITCB brewers make hot coffee, iced tea and iced coffee in one convenient, space-saving footprint, allowing operators to make up to three gallons of iced tea or up to one and a half gallons of coffee, all of consistently high quality. Operators need consistency, Pierce says, and the ITCB brewers deliver. “They allow operators to be assured that every time they set the recipes and hit the button, they’re going to get exactly what they want, be it iced tea or coffee.”

The benefits of having one machine that can brew multiple, patron-pleasing beverages are clear. First, your operations are streamlined. Every member of your waitstaff can draw drinks in just seconds from one machine, and there’s no need to make separate stops at the coffee brewer and the iced tea machine. And the compact footprint of these brewers saves valuable space. For example, the Twin model measures a mere 20” wide. That’s a lot of profitable beverages from a small footprint.

Find out more about Bunn ITCB brewers at www.bunn.com/coffeeandmore

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