Lift Sales with Expanded Coffee Dayparts

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For many people, coffee provides a mandatory, day-starting jolt. But there’s no reason your coffee sales should nosedive after the morning rush.

Consumers are receptive to drinking coffee throughout the day. And smart operators are discovering ways to capture their business late into the night.

Younger consumers, especially, are visiting coffee cafes around the clock. Some 39% report visiting in the evening or for a late-night snack, 51% visited for a mid-afternoon snack and 33% visited a coffee cafe at dinner in a given month, according to Technomic’s 2016 Bakery & Coffee Cafe Consumer Trend Report.

Further, the report found, consumers are heading to bakery cafes more often for coffee-only occasions than two years ago. They’re also visiting bakery cafes at all dayparts in increasing numbers. Some 41% of consumers visited a bakery cafe at dinnertime in a given month, up from 36% in 2014, according to the report.

Driving business through expanded dayparts is a clear growth opportunity. So, what can you do to capitalize on this trend?

Specialize in Specialty Drinks

For consumers who don’t want hot coffee at 7 p.m., drive late-night consumption with creativity. Some 71% of consumers say they’re visiting bakery cafes for coffee-only occasions in 2016, up from 63% in 2014, Technomic’s report found. Indulgent, dessert-like coffee drinks appeal to consumers later in the day. Or, go the more-refined route with a program of coffee-based mocktails, featuring drinks made with drip coffee, housemade mixers and fresh ingredients. Serve the drinks in attractive glasses to encourage dine-in traffic.

Invest in Quality Equipment

Coffee consumers are becoming increasingly savvy. They want to learn about their beans and roast levels, and they demand a high-quality brew. Take the time to research the right brewer for your operation and consider investing in a high-quality one, such as those made by FETCO. Today’s brewers feature a range of programmable technology to craft a customized brew.

Train Your Staff

Knowledgeable baristas will keep your customers engaged, enthused and coming back throughout the day. Conduct regular staff training sessions to ensure that everyone behind the bar knows what you’re serving, how it should be served and how it should be explained to consumers. Instruct the staff in food-and-drink pairings that could be menued well into the evening.

Blend the Dayparts

The explosion of all-day breakfast at QSRs has proven that consumers will eat egg sandwiches and other morning favorites well into the evening. Consider keeping traditional a.m. fare on your lunch and dinner menus to pair with drip coffee throughout the day. And be sure to keep that pastry case refreshed all day for consumers seeking mid-day and evening indulgences.

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