Blog: Taking the Starbucks experience one step further

Starbucks (SBUX) has always proven itself to be ahead of the adoption curve. As we see the rise and fall of today's businesses we know that only those who choose to stay ahead of the industry can expect to see growth and survive. With its pro-activity Starbucks changed the coffee shop concept and attracted millions of customers to its outlets. It established itself not just as a premium coffee restaurant but as an experience provider. This designer coffee maker is known for providing its customers solutions and convenience they need in the present or in the future. Starbucks manages to find ingenious ways to make its customers stay longer at its outlets.

Now Starbucks has made another headline in mainstream media by announcing that plans to install 100,000 wireless table chargers that will charge customers' cell phones while they stay at the store getting charged with a kick of caffeine. Keeping cell phones charged is an issue for users of energy draining smart phones. This service would allow customers to charge their cell phones without being tied up to a table that is near the power outlet. Starbucks has struck a deal with Duracell that is owned by Procter and Gamble (PG) to install 100,000 Duracell Powermats at its outlets nationwide. Starbucks tested the service in Boston and San Jose stores before rolling out the nationwide installation. This technology is not in common use at present but it is expected to be adopted by smartphone users in the coming time as has happened with other convenience gadgets.

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