Bob Evans makes cage-free eggs pledge

bob evans restaurant exterior

Following the lead of family-dining competitor Denny’s and a slew of other chains, Bob Evans said its restaurants will make the transition to cage-free eggs.

Vowing to serve cage-free eggs exclusively by 2025, Bob Evans will beat Denny’s to the punch by one year.

“For several years, we have been working closely with our suppliers and independent animal welfare experts to determine optimal sourcing for eggs, considering our guests’ preferences as well as the economics and sustainability of our supply chain,” Saed Mohseni, CEO of Bob Evans, said in a statement. “We have determined that consistent with the foregoing, evolving to source only 100 percent cage-free eggs on this time frame is the right path for the company to pursue.”

Bob Evans said it serves more than 100 million eggs across its system annually.


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