Bone Marrow Take Two

Inventive chefs are taking bone marrow, a commonly eaten yet uncommonly featured part of the animal bone, and roasting, pureeing and glazing the savory stuff. The versatile, buttery ingredient is showing up in everything from a bone marrow and crème brulee fusion to tacos.

Meat & Potatoes
Pittsburgh, PA
Bone marrow served with grilled bread, gremolata, onion relish and sea salt; $14

Toast! Kitchen and Wine Bar
Pittsburgh, PA
Bone marrow topped with a black bean puree and grilled bread; $7

New York, NY
Bone Marrow Tacos: Parsley, capers, shallots, radish, lemon and sea salt salad and frilled tortillas; $9

New York, NY
Bone Marrow served with sour cherry tabbouleh and pita pillows; $15

The Standard Grill
New York, NY
Bone marrow glazed peas & mushrooms; $7

Los Angeles, CA
Bone Marrow Flan served with a mushroom marmalade and parsley salad

Chicago, IL
Roasted Bone marrow with horseradish gremolata; $7.75

Blue Ribbon Brasserie
New York, NY
Beef Marrow and oxtail marmalade served with toast; $16.75


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