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More and more chefs and restaurateurs have taken to banging out cookbooks. Here are six recent volumes:

A Great American Cook ($35) by Jonathan Waxman
From his early days in the kitchen of Chez Panisse to his current proprietorship at New York City’s Barbuto, Waxman helped shape modern American cuisine. Here, he shares his secrets for the first time.

The Berghoff Family Cookbook ($30) by Carlyn Berghoff, Jan Berghoff and Nancy Ross Ryan
The original Berghoff in Chicago closed, but the family now has two eateries: 17 West and Berghoff Café serve German fare made famous by the Berghoff and preserved in this cookbook.

Fantastico! ($35) by Rick Tramonto

Tru, the Chicago restaurant, may be Tramonto’s flagship, but his heart belongs to the Italian family kitchen of his childhood. His latest cookbook returns to these roots.

American Masala ($35) by Suvir Saran
Saran opened Devi in 2004, offering a unique blend of Indian home cooking and urban sophistication. In this cookbook, he reinterprets American melting pot favorites with Indian spices and flavors.

The Flying Biscuit Café Cookbook ($13) by Delia Champion
Biscuits are the main attraction at The Flying Biscuit Café in Atlanta, but this cookbook goes well beyond that.

New England Soup Factory ($25) by Marjorie Druker and Clara Silverstein
The warmth of the Factory, located in the Boston suburbs, shines through in the pages of this book.         


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