Burger King debuts Fiery Chicken Fries after Q2 sales climb

Capitalizing on its second-quarter sales growth, Burger King is introducing a spicy twist on a fan-favorite menu item: Fiery Chicken Fries.

The original Chicken Fries, an LTO that was resurrected as a permanent menu item in March, have been credited for spurring much of the chain’s recent sales increase.

The spicy version features a marinade comprised of cayenne pepper, black pepper and other spices. A nine-piece order sells for $2.89 and touts the same portability as the original Chicken Fries, which are packaged to fit inside a car cup holder and come with a built-in sauce holder.

“Chicken Fries fans are already pretty extreme, but we wanted to test the limits of their taste buds with an even spicier version of the original,” said Burger King CMO Eric Hirschhorn.

On an earnings call last month, Burger King CEO Dan Schwartz praised Chicken Fries for their profitability, noting that they have a high gross margin in addition to strong sales, and serve well as a crossover item between meal and snack dayparts. 


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