Burgers, fries ... brunch?

McDonald’s needs something attention grabbing, innovative and appealing, as is clear from the -2.8% drop in U.S. same-store sales for August reported this week. That need for something fresh and different may be why BurgerBusiness.com has learned that McDonald’s Corp. in July filed a federal trademark registration (application #86345988) for the term “McBrunch.”

A McDonald’s spokesperson confirmed the application but cautioned, “We routinely file intent to use trademark applications as a regular course of business. We can’t share details at this time as to how the trademarks may or may not be used.”

It’s possible the company could just keep the trademark inactive in its back pocket. It does that. In fact, it applied for a trademark on “McBrunch” in 2001 but abandoned that application. But the brunch idea may be back under consideration more seriously this time, in part because of the continuing poor sales performance.

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