Business Reviews: Include Discussions of

Those meetings, whether formal or informal, are great venues in which to demonstrate partnership and provide a fresh look at the “forest” to customers who often can’t see through the trees. It takes confidence and a clear understanding of an account’s business to consult on topics beyond the realm of kitchen and walk-in, but in times like these, most operators appreciate any insights they can get on how to survive and thrive.

In a presentation at the recent Restaurant Leadership Conference, Ron Paul, president of Chicago-based Technomic, offered excerpts from a white paper the consultancy on how and why some restaurants are winning during the recession while others are flailing, if not failing. The findings can provide food for thought for DSRs heading into customer business reviews.

Paul said winning concepts create unique value propositions that blend “Consistently Solid Basics” (CSBs) – food, service and unit appearance -- with “Resonating Points of Difference” (RPDs) – lifestyle integration, hospitality, menu desirability, atmosphere, concept essence and manager presence.

For a complete review of his presentation and checklist of key CSBs and RPDs, as well as for more Restaurant Leadership Conference lessons on restaurant success that DSRs can share with customers, click here.


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