California is the worst place to do business, Texas is the best, study finds

Texas, Florida and North Carolina provide restaurant operators and other businesses with the best environment to prosper, while California, New York and Illinois present the most adverse conditions, according to new research.

The top three finishers in the rankings share a pro-growth, anti-tax mentality, while California is flatly anti-business, Chief Executive magazine surmised from a survey of 511 CEOs.

“The good states ask what they can do for you; the bad states ask what they can get from you,” one respondent commented.

Said another, "California and Oregon are essentially anti-business, whereas Texas and Tennessee do everything possible to make business comfortable and more successful.”

Oregon was number 42 on the list, and Tennessee was number four.

California, ranked the worst place to conduct business, is the nation’s largest restaurant market, followed by Texas, Florida, New York and Illinois.


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