Capitalizing on good weather with outdoor space

lp rooftop

Atop the upscale E.P. restaurant sits L.P., a 5,500-square-foot open-air bar. “The rooftop adds a layer of protection for business; it’s a destination people will travel to,” says co-founder and principal Grant Smillie. While the two concepts share a kitchen (a dumbwaiter helps get food to the roof), L.P. aims to offer a more casual experience than downstairs. Throughout the L-shape rooftop, the urban design is united with timber, custom furniture and drought-resistant plants. Yet the space is designed to deliver more than one vibe: There’s a semiprivate lounge at one end in addition to the larger section where guests can wait for a table, grab a nightcap or spend the evening.

At the mercy of the elements

Smillie keeps an eye on the forecast. “When there is guaranteed rain on the radar, we staff back. You hit social media, and you preempt the expectation,” he says. “And then if it clears up and a big crowd turns up, well, you deal with it, and it’s a good problem.” 

lp rooftop seating

Carving out event space for extra revenue

Greenery sections off Frankie’s, a lounge at L.P. with its own bar, banquettes and firepit. “We’re guiding people there at no charge to give them a feel for the space,” says Smillie, hoping they’ll later book it for events. Frankie’s bar focuses on craft cocktails, while L.P.’s main bar serves drinks designed for speed. 


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