Chain Accounts Lead Growth for BEK

FORT WORTH, Texas - With 2003 ending on a "very positive upswing" for Ben. E. Keith Foods, Inc., here, its president, Mike Roach, is hopeful that this trend will continue this year.

Leading this Southwest distributorship's growth have been its chain accounts, especially regional ones, which have fared better than other segments of its business, Roach told ID Access.

The reason for chains' success, observed Roach, is their aggressiveness. "I don't know whether it's the availability of money or confidence in the economy, but they are expanding. Their same-store sales are up and they're just building more units," he said.

According to Roach, the entire Southwest is growing because of population expansion and more disposable money in consumers' pockets. This has spurred them to go out, spend that money and eat, he continued. "The restaurant industry has also done a good job in promoting itself," Roach added.

More about Mike Roach's comments will appear in the upcoming Jan. 30 edition of ID Report


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