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At a time when the country is seeing established, successful concepts close or relocate because of rapidly escalating rents, operators are focusing on other ways to make a lease still work for them.

Delays that pile up over a service period not only diminish the guest experience, they can result in lost profits. Savvy operators are taking steps to pick up the pace.

Tweaking the filling makes for a more healthful and authentic Asian dumpling.

A Top Chef-testant sets his concept apart in a hall full of food stalls with lighting and layout.

Restaurant operators in California are learning how to cope with the water shortage. Here’s what you can learn from them.

Hazem Ouf doesn’t profess to have all the answers for reviving restaurant organizations, even after snatching the likes of Village Inn, Max & Erma’s and O’Charley’s from the ICU.

Made-to-order pizza concepts rely on speedy, high-temperature ovens to fire up customized pizzas.

To offset beef prices, chefs are turning poultry into a center-of-the-plate signature.

A confluence of tech advances, changing lifestyles and demographic shifts has brought a renaissance in takeout, and everyone is racing to capitalize on it.


Casual Dining