Chipotle takes another route to help military vets

Easing military vets into jobs or franchising opportunities isn’t the only way restaurant chains are helping those who served. Chipotle, for instance, is extending a hand to ex-military personnel who chose farming over foodservice for their re-entry into civilian society.

The fast-casual pacesetter has agreed to donate $1 to the Farmer-Veteran Coalition, or up to $50,000 in total, every time a customer orders a side of guacamole between Aug. 5 and Aug. 12 in the chain’s California stores.

Chipotle said the promotion was its way of saluting California avocado farmers, who’ll sell 4% of their collective crop to the chain this year. Each store, headquarters said, will use up to 84 avocados for a batch of guacamole, which is made by hand several times a day in a typical unit.

The Farmer-Veteran Coalition aims to develop a new generation of farmers by offering that career path to vets.


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