Clover Hill Foods Looking to the Future, and More Acquisitions

PITTSBURGH (May 7, 2012)After acquiring Steubenville Fruit Co., an Ohio-based foodservice distributor, earlier this year, and Seafood Direct, a Bethel Park wholesaler serving restaurants, last year, Clover Hill Foods is likely to pursue more mergers. The company works out of a 73,000-sq. ft. Bridgeville, PA distribution center and the VA-based Staunton Foods operation. 

James Crawford, chairman and CEO of Behrhorst and Crawford, the parent company of the Bridgeville distribution company, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette they saw revenues of $68 million last year and predicts $76 million for this year. He feels that an acquisition every 18 months is a good pace for the company.

Read the full story on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette website: http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/business/news/bridgeville-food-distributor-clover-hill-relies-on-networking-unique-offerings-634340/?p=0




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