Compass Group Launches Balance, a Destination Wellness Site

CHARLOTTE, NC (January 21, 2011)—Compass Group has unveiled their new customer-focused web site, Balance, to serve the wellness and nutrition needs of their customers in over 10,000 accounts across the country.

Emphasizing moderation and promoting healthier lifestyle choices, Balance incorporates multiple dimensions of wellness, sustainability and humanity, encouraging shifts in behaviors while challenging its clients and customers to engage in the journey to greater personal health, a healthier community and a healthier planet. It delivers information and decision essentials that enables customers to make knowledgeable choices.

Partnering with EatingWell Media Group, publisher of EatingWell magazine, the site is a comprehensive destination with science-based nutrition articles, 500 calorie menus,  healthful recipes, easy-to-understand nutritional information, tools (e.g. BMI calculator, physical activity calculator) and resources (e.g. cooking videos).

Susie Weintraub, vice president, strategic marketing & communications for Compass Group, explains, “We’re challenging our guests to personally engage in their journey to wellness.  We have designed the site to help them get started easily on their journey to find Balance.”

Adds Deanne Brandstetter, vice president of nutrition and wellness for Compass Group, “Our in-house team of registered dietitians, along with the team from EatingWell, have vetted and approved each and every recipe, article and tool we’ve provided, so it is not only easy to make a healthier choice but the information is reliable and easy to understand.”

Balance promotes lifestyles and behaviors that can be maintained for the long-term. http://balance.compass-usa.com


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