Conference Attendees Plan New Initiatives

CHICAGO (July 13, 2010)—As the final day of the IFDA/IFMA Sales and Marketing Conference drew to a close, attendees listed the initiatives they plan to pursue based on what they learned at the event:

  • Understand the shared goals between manufacturers and distributors.
  • Listen to customers and their needs more than what we want to sell them.
  • Ask customers what they expect from food shows prior to the food show launching.
  • Shifting more from paper to electronic. Think about training: training formats through video feeds.
  • Whatever meeting we have, sales meeting, whatever, debrief afterwards. Talk about what we learned. Get people talking and sharing ideas.
  • Understand the communication needs of the individual DSRs. We want to get more into social media, but we need to understand that some DSRs might not be there.
  • We need to find new ways to make customers feel special.
  • Dedicate more time to building strategic partnerships and building trust.
  • Better and more mentoring.
  • Work to understand each other’s needs. Work toward developing partnerships.
  • We have a tremendous, overwhelming amount of information and we need to do a better job of getting that to the customer faster.
  • Continually look for new ways to change our game.


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Conference Attendees Plan New Initiatives


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