Consolidated Distribution Corporation Expands to Dallas

LEMONT, IL (March 20, 2012 - Business Wire)—Consolidated Distribution Corporation, LLC (CDC), a QSR, fast casual and casual dining supply chain solutions company, has opened a new Dallas redistribution center to further optimize supply chain movement for customers nationwide. It marks the second expansion for CDC beyond its home market of Chicago following the July 2010 opening of a redistribution center in Atlanta.

Located in Dallas, the new 50,000-square-foot space will specialize in the redistribution of ambient goods, including foodservice, janitorial, sanitation and safety items for CDC customers. With redistribution, manufacturers ship truckload quantities of slower moving, promotional or seasonal items to CDC, which in turn ships consolidated full truckloads of products to foodservice distributors nationwide, resulting in cost savings and increased efficiencies throughout a restaurant’s supply chain.

The new Dallas facility will increase the company’s dry capacity for warehousing and redistribution by 14 percent, according to Thomas Geza Varga, vice president of business development. Among the CDC QSR customers that will benefit from the new distribution hub is Unified Foodservice Purchasing Co-op®, LLC (UFPC). UFPC is the exclusive supply chain management organization for Yum! Brands, Inc. and its national restaurant systems -- including KFC, Pizza Hut® and Taco Bell®. UFPC also supports the A&W® and Long John Silver’s™ brands with supply chain services through contractual agreements.

Through the Dallas hub, CDC also will improve its service offerings to its growing list of manufacturing customers, including Gold Standard Food Solutions, LLC (GSFS), which works with growers, importers and distributors to bring quality food products from the field to businesses.

“We have touted the benefits of redistribution to our own customers for some time,” said Charles Ecord, managing partner of GSFS. “Through our partnership with CDC, we can meet the growing customer demand for efficient, cost-effective supply chain management.”

In addition to the new Dallas hub, CDC operates a 260,000-square-foot redistribution center facility in Chicago and a 100,000-square-foot space in metro Atlanta. With its network of redistribution centers, CDC serves more than 170 distributors delivering to more than 60,000 franchisee/store locations across the U.S. and abroad.

Expected growth for 2012 and expansion of services

Following a strong 2011, CDC is forecasting double digit growth in 2012.

“Our customers are saving money through redistribution, and they are expanding their operations with us to add more value to their supply chains,” said Varga. “We also will focus on expanding our own service offerings to bring further value to our customers.”

CDC has seen growth in kits/LTO promotions and import services among its customers, and is exploring further expansion with a west coast warehousing and redistribution center.

To accommodate CDC’s expanded redistribution center network and service offerings, the company also will increase its staff through direct and contract employment by 37 percent nationwide.


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