Consumer Trends

2011 Flavor Forecast

Americans are showing new flavor confidence through their demand for complex and intense taste experiences. According to McCormick’s 2011 Flavor Forecast, spice consumption is at an all time high; the average home pantry now contains about 40 different seasonings. Consumers are also expressing an increased desire for flavor variety when dining out. This year’s top trends reflect exciting flavor pairings and craveable contrasts.

Top 10 Flavor Pairings:

  1. Fennel & peri-peri sauce
  2. Pickling spice & rice vinegar 
  3. Roasted curry powder & wild mushrooms
  4. Caramelized honey & adzuki red beans
  5. Ancho chile pepper & hibiscus 
  6. Thyme & stone fruits
  7. Mustard seed & vermouth
  8. Cilantro & nut butters
  9. Herbes de Provence & popcorn
  10. Green peppercorn & goat’s milk

5 flavor mega-trends to watch:

  1. Spirit of discovery—international desire leads to new techniques and ingredients
  2. Flavor with benefits—eating for wellness is as delicious as ever
  3. Invigorating and uplifting—exhilarating new flavors bring pizzazz to dining
  4. Soul satisfaction—comforting flavors soothe the body during tough times
  5. Craveable contrasts—interplay adds uniqueness to basic eating pleasures


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