Consumer Trends

Comfort reigns

Among the items listed within CNN’s American Food: The 50 Greatest Dishes, the American comfort food landscape is spelled out in popular food items, ranging from a full Thanksgiving dinner to a side of tater tots; from Delmonico’s Steak to California Roll; from Chicago-Style Pizza to Barbecue Ribs; and everything in between. It is obvious reading through this list that although health is on the mind of consumers everywhere, comfort is still king. 

A recent Technomic report found that when having a regular meal with family or friends, nearly three-fifths of consumers (58 percent) prefer comfort foods. While the menu item is different for everyone, it doesn’t matter—we all crave comfort. And fortunately for us, classics are having a heyday right now, found on menus from fine dining to fast food, often in a new shape or form, with new flavors or additions, or just as we remember them. Consider updating your offerings with the addition of some comfort classics, or add your own twist to one of your favorites—customers are sure to love it.



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