Consumer Trends

Customers confused about sustainability claims

Shoppers are continuing to buy products that are sustainable and eco-conscious, but few are familiar with the meanings of the terms on the packaging. Though words like “recycled” or “eco-friendly” are common to consumers, newer terms like “fair trade” or “wind powered” are more difficult for them to define.

  • 84% of consumers say they regularly buy sustainable, eco-friendly or fair trade items, but 40% have never heard of a solar/wind energy claim
  • 32% of consumers have never heard of a “reduced carbon footprint” claim, and 34% do not know what “fair trade” is
  • Despite this lack of knowledge, 45% of these sustainable food and drink purchasers continue to buy because they perceive these products to be of a higher quality
  • 43% buy these products because they are concerned about the environment or human welfare, while 42% of consumers say their purchase is influenced by a concern about food safety


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