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Food and mood

A new study by the Florida Department of Citrus found that drinking orange juice evokes positive emotions and an optimistic outlook. Through a patented research process designed to reveal unconscious emotions, consumers shared their thoughts and feelings about orange juice and its role in their lives.

  • In a survey of 1,002 adults nationwide, more than half of respondents believed that drinking a glass of orange juice provides an energizing boost
  • 33% of those surveyed said that drinking OJ was a simple way to help improve their mood
  • 53% of American adults surveyed reported that orange juice makes them feel rejuvenated—followed by calm, positive, happy and alive

"One key to happiness is focusing on the simple things that can improve your outlook in life," said Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, a positive psychology expert and author of The How of Happiness. "No life is without stress or adversity, but by stepping back and appreciating the simple things, you can look at the bigger picture and learn to cope with obstacles. Such adjustments are small, but can have a big impact on many areas of your life."


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